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tar for gzip/bzip2

Hello All,

You don't need to use gunzip nor bunzip2 before extracting tar file.
The j/z option will automatically gunzip/bunzip2 to extract.

Add "j" option to extract bzip2 compressed tar file.
   tar jxvf lir00-56.tbz
   tar jxvf lir00-56.tbz2
   tar jxvf lir00-56.tar.bz
   tar jxvf lir00-56.tar.bz2
Add "z" option to extract gzip compressed tar file.
   tar zxvf lir00-56.tgz
   tar zxvf lir00-56.tar.gz

Kohjin - JR1EDE

Kent SM7MMJ wrote;
>Try bunzip2 instead. It will decompress the .tbz file. Type "bzip2 --help" 
for more >info.

Arie PA0EZ wrote;
>I always change .tbz into .tar.bz and then the problem is over