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Re: [linrad] : Linrad DC frontend vs WSE design ( was : compiling/linking Linrad's C-source code etc...)

Thanks very much Leif,

For Your extensive response as to the crux of the merits of a Linrad DC
frontend vs your Linrad WSE chain.
I guess the dawn of ( my ) understanding  has come now.
I will study your WSE papers again.

Meanwhile I got that for my main project ( EME /MM offshore ) a simpler DC
frontend than the 144/70/10.7/2.5 chain  will do the job ( no 144 Mhz
overload at high sea ).
However, for a basestation ( my home is amidst a very urban part of
Amsterdam  ) I may consider to follow the  " Leif road ".

I am grateful that You are so dedicated and patiently in explaning your
fascinating stuff.
And indeed, this is very helpful to me !

73, Peter PE1ECM