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Re: [linrad] compiling/linking Linrad's C-source code...etc

Thanks Roger,

I have not a three but a two CD RH8 installation.
Anyway, nasm ( yes, the v. you mentioned ) IS on my CD # 2 indeed.
After reinstall and opted for it, nasm is found.
Thanks for the tip.

73, Peter PE1ECM

From: "w3sz" <w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi, Peter and All,

> NASM is on CD #3 of the RedHat Linux 8.0 installation disk
> set as:
> nasm-0.98.34-1.i386.rpm.  So it is there to install if only
> you select it.  If you can't find it then RedHat has the
> RPM's for nasm on its website as well.