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Re: [linrad] compiling/linking Linrad's C-source code

Hi Roger,


Indeed, I did install RH8 + last update 2.4.20-13.8.
But no nasm : " bash : nasm : command not found ".
Searching all dirs ( might be it was not in root ? ) : no,  no nasm

OK, I will pick up nasm through Leif's and I will behave decently....
Maybe I am f. by the Borland people where I bought BC++/Tasm32 and
They made nasm suspected ( sure, must be professional jealousy ).


Roger, may I please abuse this opportunity ?
Why don't I see separate I and Q audio outputs on your DC frontend circuit
diagram on Your site ?
I do need them for the Delta card don't I ?
If I want to enjoy the 90 KHz spectrum width .
I do.


I understand that You use Leif's WSE 2500.
Does this make a significant difference compared to direct conversion ( if
properly designed and not overloaded )  from 144 MHz to audio ?
In which respects ?
Selectivity ? ( sure.. ).
IP3/dyn. range ? ( questionable ? )
Total system noise / noise floor  ? ( doesn't multiple conversions add noise
compared to DC ? ).
What is the net profit of WSE 2500 above appropiate direct conversion ?

I studied Leif's papers on the WSE system's four modules .
I am fascinated by the stuff but I am still a bit confused with regard to
above paragraph.
Please, any help is welcome.

It is not a bargain, though I do understand fully that it must be costly for
a very limited production .
In Holland the WSE 2500 will amount to ~USD 730.
Is it worth the money already now ( as separate WSE 2500 ) or does it reward
only in the chain 144/70/10.7/2.5 ?
I guess You could have made comparisons between separate WSE 2500  yes/no ?

Who else does use the separate WSE 2500 ?

Thanks for your dedication.

73 Peter.

From: "w3sz" <w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [linrad] compiling/linking Linrad's C-source code

> nasm installed for me when I installed RHL 8.0, as I recall.
> I did a custom install and my recollection is that it was a
> selectable option.
> BUt I could be mistaken.
> In any event, as Leif stays, it is easy to download from
> Leif's page if you can't get it to install initially.  Just
> go to:
> http://www.antennspecialisten.com/~sm5bsz/linuxdsp/install/nasminst.htm
> 73,
> Roger