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RE: [linrad] audio channels

Hi Peter,

> I asked about the possibilities of very small FFT bin bandwidth filtering
>  for possible QRSSS  ).
> I am talking about 144 MHz......, yes I know, but I still want to try.
> Unfortunately, nobody responded.
I think I responded to this. You can not go below about 0.25Hz at 144 MHz
because of the libration fading. A carrier transmitted via EME is modulated 
by the moon rocking and the bandwidth is in the order of 0.25 Hz. There is
no problem to use 0.25Hz bin bandwidth in Linrad and read QRSS off the screen.

I think you will not easily find qso partners, but technically there is 
no problem. Sensitivity is better than for JT44 but qso's will be very slow,
you will have to make the dot length something like 30 to 300 seconds
because of the qsb. The keying information must be much faster or much 
slower than the qsb rate.


Leif / SM5BSZ