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Re: [linrad] audio channels

   Hi Peter,

   Thanks for your future contribution. It is for the good for future
   LINRAD users and to get more people on board.
   I do not want to throw you of the track so the say, but 
   there are a few other reflectors that cover DSP etc.
   You might look at the the dsp-10@xxxxxxx  I am sure 
   you will get response there. Go to www.qth.net or
   www.qsl.net and look for users groups. You will
   find there all sorts of facets of amateur radio covered and
   also the dsp10  and I believe dsp group. Then there are the 
   TAPR people 
    they are into those LO's, GPS stuff etc. If you monitor
    what tis going on there, you will find info that will help you
    They tell me that those DELTA44 boards are on eBAy,
    ( go to the  US section ) In Holland there is not much 
   going on eBay yet. The prices are better but it can be
   frustrating to become the winner.
   I would think that you would not have any problems
   getting it through customs. You can find these cards
   in high end audio equipment stores, audio amplifiers,
   mixers, etc I am sure if you go in there, they might
   be able to help you. It is not something, you are
   going to find in computer stores. It is a specialized
   device. There is a link on the data collection to the 
   company and the providers for the software you will
   need to make it part of Linrad.

   Good luck during the weekend,

   73 Rein 

Peter van Daalen wrote:
> Dag Rein,
> Thanks for your audio card remarks.
> But I could't find the Delta44 card in Holland as yet.
> I believe it isn't for sale in PA-land at all.
> Fellow PA's and PE's, where did you buy this Delta card ?
> Maybe elsewhere in EU ?
> Someone who knows where, please inform me.
> Yes Rein, as soon as I'll have something working I will have my set up list
> into your Linrad archive.
> However, as I stated before, it is only this weekend ( to be precise, I'll
> begin right after this mail has been sent....)  that I will start installing
> Linux.
> So, I have some adventures ahead....( I am told ).
> BTW, on this Linrad list I asked a question about the possible sense of a
> GPS locked HP OCXO local oscillator for the DC converter front end ( I am
> building Brooks Shera's GPS locked frequency standard  ).
> I asked about the possibilities of very small FFT bin bandwidth filtering
>  for possible QRSSS  ).
> I am talking about 144 MHz......, yes I know, but I still want to try.
> Unfortunately, nobody responded.
> So, I'm not sure as yet on this aspect of my set up.
> Maybe, someone still has any thought on this ?
> I will shortly return to the list to report on my installation adventures of
> Linux and Linrad.
> 73, Peter PE1ECM
> >From: "Rein A. Smit" <rein0zn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >    Hi Peter,
> >
> >    Roger, Leif and myself had some discussion about those cards some
> > time
> >    ago and from what I remember, those cards do not have the resolution
> >    of the Delta 44 card. although they are being advertised as 24 bit.
> >    I will try to locate Leif's exact arguments.
> >    So you might want to look into that before you spend the the about
> >    100 dollars what they cost in the US .
> >
> >    I really believe the best is to stay as close as possible to the
> >    proven set-up as published to avoid problems.
> >
> >    Let me make a point again in asking to list your set-up en
> > experiences
> >    on the Linrad data collection bank.
> >
> >    73 Rein