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Re: [linrad] audio channels

    Hi Arie,

   It depends on whether you have 1 or 2 mixers. With one mixer you 
   can go with one stereo sound card plus another card for audio output. 

   With a dual antenna, as for polarity systems, you need 4 audio 
   inputs and for a number of other good reasons, you might as well 
   go DELTA 44 sound board with 4 inputs plus another card for audio 
   output also stereo.
   You could however use 2 regular stereo cards for the front end and
   an additional stereo card for audio output. The max sample freq of
   audio card and ADC resolution effect the max freq band you can
   monitor and dynamic range etc. 
   I believe either Leif or Roger had that at one time and Linrad is 
   able to work with these 3 cards. 
   You like, probably, the front end cards to sample at a much higher
   rate then the audio output card.
   I believe the DELTA44 card is still up to this point the best 
   solution -for the cost/performance ratio.
   You will have to work through Leif's and Roger's pages to
   see the relations between bandwidth and performance of the receiver.
   There are 2 QEX ( ARRL ) papers and they are on the net. The papers
   cover in great detail the different combinations. ( Not quite sure
   whether it needs ARRL membership access ot not ) If you can't
   get it, there are ways.
   This is at least, the way I understand it.



Arie Dogterom wrote:
> Hello,
> My question probably has been answered in some of the texts, but I a still
> unsure :
> Having the mixers with the I an Q outputs, where shall those go : Does one
> need two soundcards or is it possible to use the left and right channels of
> a stereo card?
> 73
> Arie