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Re: [linrad] audio channels

Hi Arie,

You can connect the soundcard left and right line input to the IQ
downcoverter outputs. If you use two soundcards, you will have problems in
synchronizing the ADCs (unless you use the same clock source for both
soundcards). Just be sure to adjust the signal levels to meet the range of
your soundcard.


-- Edson, 7n4ncl

On Fri, 23 May 2003, Arie Dogterom wrote:

> Hello,
> My question probably has been answered in some of the texts, but I a still
> unsure :
> Having the mixers with the I an Q outputs, where shall those go : Does one
> need two soundcards or is it possible to use the left and right channels of
> a stereo card?
> 73
> Arie