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linrad RPM

I'm pleased to announce that linrad-01-00 rpm is done and sent to Rein.  
It should be at http://www.nitehawk.com/linrad_dat/ soon.

As instruction for those who <don't know/forgot/aren't paying attention> 
this is for Mandrake 8.x (although it MIGHT work for others, no 
guarantees.)  Since this is a binary distribution, you no longer need gcc, 
nasm, or any of the development libraries installed.  Performance won't be 
as good as if you compiled your own, but it should be easier,,, just 

[root@xxxxxxxxx /]# rpm -i linrad-01-00.i586.rpm
[root@xxxxxxxxx /]# cd /home/linrad
[root@xxxxxxxxx linrad]# ./linrad

and you should have linrad running.

I'm the one to bug about bugs, or other suggestions regarding this binary 
package.  If anyone wants other binaries, (deb, pkg, RH9/MDK9 rpms etc.) 
send me a copy of your linux distibution and I'll build and package linrad 
up for you.  

73  Matt  KB0VUK

P.S. If anyone wants a binary optimised for P4 or athlon, just send me a 
computer with one of those in it. ;^))