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Re: Q!Re: [linrad] Linrd installation...a few comments

  Hi Bob,

  It is probably not "Linux correct" but I hope close to what is really
  going on with these compile problems and the like,
  I will refrain form further comments but have been in teaching on and
  off. I find it often more effective than the perfect correct
  explanations, Linux is C basic but is far from using a 3 floppy
  Turbo C distribution, If you get one of those old books in the 
  library, you will see all these items defined and used but not in 
  C talk. And then there is nothing wrong I think using efficient 
  expressions and shorthand and smart solutions to tasks It is being
  done in all fields, we do it in amateur radio. but is more efficient
  to get newcomers to approach in language, objets and expressions 
  they can understand. I do a lot of searching on the net I see these
  questions were people try to explain and define their problems
  and then you should see the answers, 2 experienced programmers
  working on the same job project talking to each other across
  the wall of their cubicles/    
  Also if you look in stuff like VB today, one can with a few 
  keystrokes throw a quite nice  Windows layout with scaling
  starting save and terminating in Windows with all the
  push buttons, menus etc. etc The program does it all for
  The real code like in here is in subroutines, procedures etc
  A block if subroutines might be written in India, another in
  Russia and everything might be put together in Berlin
  Over time I hope to learn enough of linux so that I can do 
  radio things in Linux and just keep a copy of win98 or so 
  on a partition for if I want to do something in a spreadsheet or
  what have you.
  All this stuff is present in these new distributions now most
  if not everything that in have in Windows for a fraction of
  the cost.
  Mandrake has it and it is very nice with very nice graphics
  interfaces, really just like windows or perhaps MAC I should say

  It is just going to be a long learning curve mainly because it is 
  hard to find good stuff and I have real trouble understanding 
  the structure od this Line. Even things like reading a printer port
  or writing to a port, doing things in SUB or over a network,
  talking to an antenna pointer via an ether net card are 
  not that easy to find, It is those things we want in radio or 
  astronomy and area's like that.
  Anyway I am glad it was of some use. I believe Roger and myself
  like to bring this Linda system to what is some times called
  the masses in particular as I strongly believe future amateur 
  radio is probably in QR. from a car or parked during shopping 
  hours on the parking lot of a certain Mall.

  Best 73 es thanks, 


K3VOT wrote:
> Thank you Rein.   At last an explanation that I can understand, devoid of
> "linux talk".   Valuable information that does not show up on any of the
> often recommended linux sites.
> Bob
> At 06:44 AM 5/20/03 -0700, you wrote:
> >    Hi Arie,
> >
> >    Follow up:
> >
> >    ==========
> >
> >    For other readers:
> >
> >    Arie and I are talking about the use of a program, Krecord in
> >    my case version 1.13, to check the workings of my, by now famous,
> >    not working, AC97 sound section.
> >
> >    Krecord can be easily found and downloaded. It needs a complete
> >    working compiler to install. It was here where differences showed
> >    up between Arie's distribution and Mandrake 9.1. I did not have the
> >    Kernel "source code" installed. I now got it what Chris was talking
> >    about that if you want to recompile the Kernel ( as in windows
> >    re-compiling, one needs the Kernel source code. As if you wanted
> >    to recompile widows2000 or NT, you might need a lot of stuff but the
> >    windows 2000 source code for sure as a minimum!