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Re: Q!Re: [linrad] Linrd installation...a few comments

Thank you Rein. At last an explanation that I can understand, devoid of "linux talk". Valuable information that does not show up on any of the often recommended linux sites.


At 06:44 AM 5/20/03 -0700, you wrote:

   Hi Arie,

   Follow up:


   For other readers:

   Arie and I are talking about the use of a program, Krecord in
   my case version 1.13, to check the workings of my, by now famous,
   not working, AC97 sound section.

   Krecord can be easily found and downloaded. It needs a complete
   working compiler to install. It was here where differences showed
   up between Arie's distribution and Mandrake 9.1. I did not have the
   Kernel "source code" installed. I now got it what Chris was talking
   about that if you want to recompile the Kernel ( as in windows
   re-compiling, one needs the Kernel source code. As if you wanted
   to recompile widows2000 or NT, you might need a lot of stuff but the
   windows 2000 source code for sure as a minimum!