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Re: Linrad_dat collection inputand more

  Hello All,

  Just had a very nice email from Roger, W3SZ about a few issues.
  You might have gotten the wrong impression that I have been pushing
  Mandrake. It is a long story how I got involved with this 
  Distribution and the details are really not important. Because
  I like the way it installs and I have seen many opinions stating
  that is is very close to RH. I started to use it and thought it 
  should work as well as RH.  
  It has probably more to do with the .com bubble than the quality 
  of the software. There is no question that it is very nice as I 
  stated before, but it might well be not the way to get to reliable 
  Linrad installations, we are doing things with Mandrake outside its
  normal use. Perhaps being installed and used on a cheap internet
  machine. Not to compile Kernels Who will tell?

  I rate Roger's opinion very high. He is not what I call a linux
  talker, or C/C++ programmer for 10 years, Roger got his system going,
  one of a few I believe, by just following common sense such  as using
  a proven 2 sound card driver. 
  Anyway I do not want to be responsible for people getting into a
  lot of trouble by starting on a perhaps not such an efficient path.
  I am just writing this for those that go by opinions of others to
  select things in the beginning. I do at times, Roger has a proven 
  track record and that should count for a lot. He has had simple and 
  full 96 Khz wide systems with dual channel front ends, they work
  and he is using it.

  Then, it it getting late back east and I noticed in the back ground
  of Roger's  email a remark about the input functions for the


  page, not working, perhaps I got it wrong.
  Once in a in while I get messages with a name, a call. perhaps an URL
  but no other data. Not sure whether this has been attempts to
  get date into the collection. ( I have other of those kind of pages
  on the net ) for inputs.

  If anyone has tried to input data into the collection and felt 
  that the the system did not work, please, please try again.
  As a matter of fact you should get back feedback when you "send"
  your inputs. I just checked it, all fields work fine as they should.
  Also there is no real need to use this. If you want something
  on that dote you can e-mail me and I will put it on with the source. 

  73 Rein W6/PA0ZN