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Re: [linrad] Linrd installation...a few comments

Hi All,

   A couple of comments about getting a useful Linrad setup.

   MANY of the recent on-board and cheaper internal PCI cards have GROSS

   In two cases (one on board and one add on card) the card had NO
anti-aliasing filter (at all). The card would pick up high frequency
signals and noise and fold it over into the lower freqs with NO
attenuation !! 

   In the other PCI case, the card was apparently very slow in taking
samples so virtually NO TIME was left for Linrad :(

   ALL of the ISA cards I have tried have had neither of these problems,
but try to find a recent motherboard with an ISA slot!!

   Anyways just another two technical details to check for when you are
selecting a sound card.

   warm regards,
   john, ni1b