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Re: [linrad] linrad installation problem

The trouble is the thing is complex.  No more complex mind you then is
MS Windows.  The only reason most non-experts can use Windows at all is
because it comes pre-installed when they buy the PC.  VERY few people
would know how to install Windows onto a blank unformatted hard drive,
then install the MS C compiler and build ANYTHING from source code and
get the result installed as a desktop icon.

Try this it as an experiment: Give your grandmother (or some random
person found in a shoppng mall) a stack of Microsoft CDs, a PC with an
unformatted drive and some "C" source code and watch her try to
get that "C" source built and hooked up the the "Start" button.

The problem is not Linux it is that they are doing a task outside of
their experiance.  How do you explain to someone who does not have the
concept of "compile source code into a binary" how to use a "compiler"?
Most people don't really understand the difference between a PC and
the OS that runs on a PC.  

Chris Albertson
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