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Re: [linrad] linrad installation

      Hi Peter,

      Just to make some more noise and show what I mean with Linux

      Jaroslav Kysela <>
      To: Linus Torvalds 

      Het is a recent message from the designer of the latest driver 
      for my sound card. AC97  and others.
      You probably know who Linux Torvalds is.
      This alsa-driver-0.9.3a is the alsa driver that supports my 
      AC97. I was told by more than 1 source that this would be the
      way to go. I am with the help, from Arie and Kohjin, able
      to get this driver compiled after discovering that on my
      machine at least, I have to install other software from the    
      collection first namely alsa-lib-0.9.3 in order to compile
      the driver without errors. Small point but I did not know that
      when I started with this latest alsa stuff. It may well be
      that it is my inexperience with linux thatI did nor know this
      I write this also for others as ALSA is a big subject for
      Just to give you some feeling for these kind of problems just
      try for fun on: 
      "AC97 Alsa"  You probably want to try it in the English
      version. It will show you what I mean.....
      73 Rein


"Rein A. Smit" wrote:
>    HI Peter,
>    At the risk of starting a firestorm I will give my vision.
>    First of all I have trouble getting Linrad to go as I do not
>    want to buy the OSS license for just the audio portion of
>    Linrad.
>    I do not think that has to much to do with my problem.
>    I have Mandrake 9.1 here, it comes here in the US on 3 CD's
>    You can buy it here in eBAY anywhere between USD 6,- and USD 10.-
>    depending on shipping. There are also UK people on eBay that
>    sell it for a few UK pound.
>    No documentation though I have here a 8.1 version that I bought for
>    USD 20.- at a store that had it on sale 6 month ago.
>    With that version, 8.1, came 2 books.
>    In these books you find virtually nothing that you are going to need,
>    dealing  with video and in particular sound as it is used in Linrad.
>    If you do some home work you will find that many experts consider
>    Mandrake to be very close to Red Hat. Though Mandrake seems to be
>    more friendly to install.
>    I have here versions of RH going back to 4 or 5 as I was interested
>    in Linrad the minute I did hear about it. It was always the linux
>    that kept me from starting to do anything,  Computers, room on
>    hard drive partitioning, making a list of your hardware  etc etc.
>    There are chapters and chapters written about installing Linux
>    Here my experience with Mandrake. I load it as fast as I can
>    run the selected parts of the 3 CD's. I have done it by now
>    I guess 50 times. ( 20 minutes each ) There is nothing to be done
> other
>    than changing the CD's and adding passwords and a few other things
>    like selecting waht you load, like the nightmare of "kernel"
>    The system is so good that even if you want the system not to find
>    a soundcard it will find it just fine.
>    I believe my problem is not getting the right driver for the card
>    or an old version or this or that. That is when you start talking
>    linux. I get to admire Bill Gates and his people and policies!
>    It is really very very nice as long as you do not mass with it and
>    again many or not all of the windows stuff is there, nice graphics,
>    fast etc, etc all for 6 Euros!
>    Here comes to bad. As soon as you get to Linrad it becomes a
> different
>    story.
>    Arie has helped me quite a lot up to the point that I feel almost
>    a complete idiot, not because of him though Arie is using commands to
>    get to the guts of things. I have here some 5 900 page books on Linux
>   ( they are cheap here in the US ( USD 40 - 50 ) I buy them on markets
>    for 20 cents on the dollar or less.
>    Most of these books are published once a year ( new version of
>    Linux(!) Anyway about those books most, if not everything you can
>    find on the internet. Arie and Kohjin ask me to do do those
>    routines and commands and I can't find a letter about them in
>    these so-called linux books.
>    When it comes to hardware installs like video and sound, getting
>    a mouse to work in linrad etc etc, That where you need knowledge
>    and UNDERSTANDING of Linux, modules, file structure how to compile
>    and possibly many other items that I might not be aware of at this
>    point. Bottom line is that, until we standardize on a version and
>    probably, video, sound card possibly even defining the motherboard
>    This Linrad will not go far for your average amateur. From
>    my experiences I consider myself now a below average amateur!
>    Though I have programmed in Pascal. C and Java but I am not a CC++
>    programmer and that is what part of the problem is. I have too much
>    problems with let me call it,  Linux talk. You will get to know this
>    This is a total different world and I assume there might have been
>    cases where everything worked fine right away.
>    BTW I had zero problems with installing Linux and the linrad software
>    as per Leif's instructions no error messages  But I can't this on
>    motherboard sound system to work with linrad. It works fine in for
>    running CD's mic's i.e. breaking the sound card into pieces and
> placing
>    the Linrad software processing in between. I knew what was happening
>    the minute I loaded and tried Linrad the first time. Have build
> recievers
>    in the old days.
>    Anyway I assume, this writing will increase traffic on this
> reflector..
>    73 Rein W6/PA0ZN
> > Peter van Daalen wrote:
> >
> > End of this week I will ( try to .. ) install Linux.
> > I don't like this at all but I have to since I want to work with
> > Linrad.
> >
> > Two questions :
> >
> > 1. Why is Linrad not Winrad ? ( Leif, what's your specific reason for
> > Linux ? I'm just curious, that's all... ).
> > 2. Is Redhat 9 the easiest one indeed for the Linux dummies ( as me..
> > ) ?
> >     If so, does it make any sense to buy the professional edition ( 
> > 199 ) instead of the regular one (  45 ) ?
> >     Why or why not ?
> >
> > Thanks for help ( I'm afraid this will not be my last quest for
> > help.... :-) .
> >
> > Peter, PE1ECM