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Re: [linrad] linrad installation

Hi All,

Let me allow to add/correct for Knoppix.

At 07:09 03/05/19 -0700, Rein A. Smit wrote:
>    Here is a link about different versions linux. 
>    http://www.xplinux.biz/knoppix-linux.htm

Here's another link I would recommend:

What you would do is to download the free CD image which's around
700MB and burn it to a CD then boot it for ready_to_go linux.
You can even run and taste it inside Vmware in Windows before burn.
After booting, you will have almost around 2GB package from
the compressed package of 700MB, really interesting technique.
Knoppix is another flavor of Debian GNU/Linux which I'm running.

I have been trying to reduce Knoppix size down to 50MB or less
including a bootable Linrad deleting lot of unnecessary packages.
Josh has ever made his first CD but don't know his recent progress.
(Josh did on another Knoppix flavor called Morphix)

Knoppix is rather easy solution for one who dislikes Linux (:-) and/or
one who is Linux newbie.
Knoppix's remarkable feature is it's capability of hardware detection.
The recent version has an automatic ALSA sound setup!
(pity, it doesn't support two cards though)

I was fighting with ALSA driver for Delta 44 96KHz sampling rate
but it turned out that unless setad.c in Linrad be rewritten it is impossible.
I was disappointed with this and my project - releasing tiny bootable Linrad CD
has been postponed since then.
Maybe, I will encourage myself and try to go back for this project soon.
No 96KHz, up to 48KHz though...

>     Kohjin, JR1EDE
>     http://www.knoppix.net/get.php - So many languages now
http://unit.aist.go.jp/it/knoppix/ - Japanese here too
For those Holland people Morphix might be good too:
(I personally don't like this)

Kohjin Yamada - JR1EDE
QTH: PM95tg
always under construction http://www.jr1ede.org/