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Re: [linrad] linrad installation

> > 
> > Two questions :
> > 
> > 1. Why is Linrad not Winrad ? ( Leif, what's your specific reason
> for
> > Linux ? I'm just curious, that's all... ).

To answer your question with a question:  How would _you_ choose 
an operating system?  Can you list out a set of criteria and then
evaluate each of the available OSes against your criteria?

One reason to select Linux for this type of work is that it comes
with many tools that a programmer would want

> > 2. Is Redhat 9 the easiest one indeed for the Linux dummies ( as
> me..
> > ) ?
> >     If so, does it make any sense to buy the professional edition (
> > 199 ) instead of the regular one (  45 ) ?
> >     Why or why not ?

First off Linux shouldn't cost anything.  It's available legaly for
free.  All you need to do is download it and burn a copy onto a CD.
Yes you can buy a copy already on CD but don't pay over US$10.
Don't buy any printed book either, everything you might want is

A good starting place for downloadable CDROM images is here

A good place to look for documentation is here

A good general purpose starting place with well written beginner
topics and many good links is here

If you can't down load and want to buy a CD try here
Instaling Linux just for Linrad is kind of a waste.  One you have it
installed you will find you can use it for everything else too.
Word Processing, general office use, browsing the web, photo
editing and so on and so on.  In fact one might ask "Why Windows?"  

> > 
> > Thanks for help ( I'm afraid this will not be my last quest for
> > help.... :-) .
> > 
> > Peter, PE1ECM

Chris Albertson
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