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Re: [linrad] linrad installation

   HI Peter,

   At the risk of starting a firestorm I will give my vision.
   First of all I have trouble getting Linrad to go as I do not
   want to buy the OSS license for just the audio portion of
   I do not think that has to much to do with my problem.
   I have Mandrake 9.1 here, it comes here in the US on 3 CD's
   You can buy it here in eBAY anywhere between USD 6,- and USD 10.-
   depending on shipping. There are also UK people on eBay that
   sell it for a few UK pound.
   No documentation though I have here a 8.1 version that I bought for 
   USD 20.- at a store that had it on sale 6 month ago.
   With that version, 8.1, came 2 books.
   In these books you find virtually nothing that you are going to need, 
   dealing  with video and in particular sound as it is used in Linrad.
   If you do some home work you will find that many experts consider 
   Mandrake to be very close to Red Hat. Though Mandrake seems to be 
   more friendly to install. 
   I have here versions of RH going back to 4 or 5 as I was interested
   in Linrad the minute I did hear about it. It was always the linux
   that kept me from starting to do anything,  Computers, room on 
   hard drive partitioning, making a list of your hardware  etc etc.
   There are chapters and chapters written about installing Linux
   Here my experience with Mandrake. I load it as fast as I can
   run the selected parts of the 3 CD's. I have done it by now
   I guess 50 times. ( 20 minutes each ) There is nothing to be done
   than changing the CD's and adding passwords and a few other things
   like selecting waht you load, like the nightmare of "kernel"
   The system is so good that even if you want the system not to find
   a soundcard it will find it just fine. 
   I believe my problem is not getting the right driver for the card
   or an old version or this or that. That is when you start talking
   linux. I get to admire Bill Gates and his people and policies!

   It is really very very nice as long as you do not mass with it and
   again many or not all of the windows stuff is there, nice graphics,
   fast etc, etc all for 6 Euros!

   Here comes to bad. As soon as you get to Linrad it becomes a
   Arie has helped me quite a lot up to the point that I feel almost
   a complete idiot, not because of him though Arie is using commands to 
   get to the guts of things. I have here some 5 900 page books on Linux
  ( they are cheap here in the US ( USD 40 - 50 ) I buy them on markets 
   for 20 cents on the dollar or less.   
   Most of these books are published once a year ( new version of
   Linux(!) Anyway about those books most, if not everything you can
   find on the internet. Arie and Kohjin ask me to do do those
   routines and commands and I can't find a letter about them in
   these so-called linux books.
   When it comes to hardware installs like video and sound, getting
   a mouse to work in linrad etc etc, That where you need knowledge
   and UNDERSTANDING of Linux, modules, file structure how to compile
   and possibly many other items that I might not be aware of at this
   point. Bottom line is that, until we standardize on a version and
   probably, video, sound card possibly even defining the motherboard   
   This Linrad will not go far for your average amateur. From
   my experiences I consider myself now a below average amateur!
   Though I have programmed in Pascal. C and Java but I am not a CC++
   programmer and that is what part of the problem is. I have too much
   problems with let me call it,  Linux talk. You will get to know this
   This is a total different world and I assume there might have been
   cases where everything worked fine right away.
   BTW I had zero problems with installing Linux and the linrad software
   as per Leif's instructions no error messages  But I can't this on 
   motherboard sound system to work with linrad. It works fine in for 
   running CD's mic's i.e. breaking the sound card into pieces and
   the Linrad software processing in between. I knew what was happening 
   the minute I loaded and tried Linrad the first time. Have build
   in the old days.
   Anyway I assume, this writing will increase traffic on this
   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN   


> Peter van Daalen wrote:
> End of this week I will ( try to .. ) install Linux.
> I don't like this at all but I have to since I want to work with
> Linrad.
> Two questions :
> 1. Why is Linrad not Winrad ? ( Leif, what's your specific reason for
> Linux ? I'm just curious, that's all... ).
> 2. Is Redhat 9 the easiest one indeed for the Linux dummies ( as me..
> ) ?
>     If so, does it make any sense to buy the professional edition ( 
> 199 ) instead of the regular one (  45 ) ?
>     Why or why not ?
> Thanks for help ( I'm afraid this will not be my last quest for
> help.... :-) .
> Peter, PE1ECM