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Re: [linrad] linrad installation problem

   Hello Henk,

   That is all Linux!. If you compile, the compiler needs and is
   using files which are located in all sorts of directories all
   over your hard drive. These locations vary form one distribution
   and possible version to another. Is is a big pain and you 
   may see one user compiling without any problems and a few lines
   while another experiences all kinds of files missing in the
   process. I guess the point is to get all needed files located
   in the right directories.
   I hope this keeps you from throwing the computer in the corner.
   You are not the first person experiencing this, believe me.

   I had Leifs installation processing running the first time I did 
   it without any problems but my sound card input does not get  
   disconnected from its output so much for that. I have been
   fighting this problem now for weeks and nobody else seems 
   to have this problem. Though there are hundreds of questions
   on the different linux reflectors about sounds in Linux!
   BTW Arie provides excellent help.
   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN