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RE: pse help this newbie

Hi Peter,

> Is it  necessary to buy all WSE Rx 2500/10700/70/144 in 
> order to have the hor/vert cross input features of Linrad 
> used ?
No. Absolutely not. There are many alternatives depending on
how much bandwidth you want and what dynamic range you need.
There are several different hardwares on my home page. Easiest
is direct conversion from 144 to audio, but the dynamic range 
may be somewhat limited for signals at close frequency separations.

> I cannot find out where to buy ( not in production yet ? ) the 
> 10700/70/144 modules.
No. The material for RX10700 and RX70 is sent away and I am waiting
for the first unit of each kind. Should arrive within a few weeks now.
The RX144 in not a finished design yet. I am working on it and
I am happy with the high side, IP3 and saturation behaves well and
seems very reproducible now. The first prototype has problems with 
the local oscillator or the LO buffer amplifiers. The sideband noise 
is at -160dBc/Hz at a frequency separation of 100Hz and I want it 
10 dB lower. Everything always takes a lot of time.....  

> What will the total cost of all modules ?
I do not know yet. 

> Is there any Linrad ( hardware ) at all with hor/vert cross 
> input operational  at this moment ?
I have several systems here - but no antenna;)

W3SZ has a working system. I do not know if there is anyone else
at this moment.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ