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interesting OSS experience

Hello, All!

Since the list has been [quiet]  I will relate an
interesting experience I had on Sunday past.

I decided to try linrad01-00 in network mode.  It works

But in doing so, I at first had no sound from my P3 1 GHz
machine [not my usual machine], which had worked perfectly
the last time I'd played with it a few weeks ago.  It turned
out that this lack of sound was due to the 'mute' button
having been pushed in on the external sound system ;)

But before I discovered that little hardware 'error', I
ended up reinstalling OSS.  AFTER I did this I discovered
that the mute button was pushed in and fixed this 'hardware'
problem, but still no sound.  Furthermore, the OSStest
program which had worked before the OSS reinstall now failed
with errors, producing no sound. Nothing I did in Linux
produced sound.  The OSStest error message told me that my
sound cards didn't support 11025 HZ sampling rate, and that
one of the cards shared an interrupt which might be a
problem.  Of course the cards do support the 11025 Hz
sampling rate, although it WAS true that the Delta44 did
share an interrupt with the video display driver.  My
motherboard and BIOS don't permit me to reassign IRQ's, so I
was 'out of luck' in terms of eliminating the shared

The two soundcard drivers I was using were for the M-Audio
Delta44 and the 'onboard sound' of the VIA AC97 codec.

At long last I discovered that when I changed the installed
'order' of the sound drivers using soundconf, that the
errors disappeared and things worked perfectly as they had
before.  I had to have the Delta44 as the first driver and
the AC97 as the second driver for things to work.  Changing
to the reverse order produced again the error and no sound.

I post this just because it surprised me, and it may be
helpful to someone else.



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Roger Rehr
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