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LInrad01-00 and QEX

Hello, All!

I have just two notes for the list.

First, the new version of Linrad 01-00 runs fine here with
no problems found on standard use.  No, I didn't try to
leave and exit Linrad while Linrad remained running as that
functionality is of no interest to me here.  But all 'the
usual' stuff works fine, including the hardware hooks to run
my computer-controlled LO's and the FT1000MP transmitter
from within Linrad.  I also didn't try networking with the
new version yet as the P3 1GHz is offline right now due to
space constraints.

Second, I should belatedly note that May/June 2003 QEX has
arrived and in it is Leif's third installment on Linrad,
where he discusses all of the setup issues,
parameter-setting issues, etc that there have been so many
questions in the past about.  If there is still anyone on
the list who doesn't subscribe to QEX, now is the time for
you to do so.  Its a superb article by Leif, with lots of
discussion and explanation.

Well done, Leif!

Roger Rehr
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