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RE: [linrad] AFC

Hi Leif,

At 09:48 03/04/16 +0200, you wrote:
>Can you not get any images at all from my site now or is the
>problem only at the new page?

Only at the new page.
I can see the page normally from both Mozilla and Konqueror in Debian.
My IE is the latest version 6.    Donno what is wrong.

>> By the way, when will the feature of transmit/receive frequency control
>> be available?
>> I know Roger has made it himself but I want to do from the same 
>> Linux box. :-)
>Receive frequency control is already implemented for the RX2500, RX10700.....

Eh? Graphically?
Where is the page for set-up?

>You are supposed to supply your own users_hwaredriver.c to remove the
>default routines for the WSE boxes and insert your own stuff.
>Read USERS_HWARE for info.

OK, I will, thanks.

Kohjin - JR1EDE