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Re: [linrad] Re: AC97 Sound card issues.

   Hi All,

   Could not wait to try it, before leaving!
   Arie's suggestions were right on the target.

   Mandrake 9.1 has the latest Alsa stuff included but the alsamixer
   was not activated upon installation. When I activated it 
   Linrad started to work exactly as Arie had stated and the AC97 
   is doing the job. ( Alsa .9xxxx ) The rest of the installation
   was all per Leif's published instructions. 

   Tnx Arie, JOSH, Roger and Kohjin for all the suggestions and

   When back, I shall do a write-up on a minimum installation with
   all very standard parts.

   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN

Air Dogtrot wrote:
> Once having installed ALSA then you go to .../alsa-driver-0.9.2/utils and
> run then ./alsaconf. That script will find your soundcard and write the
> correct parameters in the modules.conf file.
> 73
> Arie
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> >     Hello Arie and All,
> >
> >   By looking through the Mandrake software I found the alsa-mixer
> >   and alsa-utils as installable ie they can be selected to be
> >   installed, they were not.
> >   In short, I can run the alsamixer now and we will see what the
> >   results are going to be.
> >   Still not quite sure what to turn on and off for LINRAD. I guess
> >   in the end the processed audio should be on the speaker output?
> >
> >     73 Rein
> >