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Re: [linrad] Re: AC97 Sound card issues.

Hi Rein,

Just a quick/short note before you leave.

At 16:05 03/04/11 -0700, Rein wrote:
>   Mandrake control center reports for the souncard:
>   VT8233 ( AC97 )
>   Module snd-vua82xx

I'm afraid above module is a typo.
It should be read as snd-via82xx, not vUa but vIa right?

>   Driver Alsa VIA .82

Try Google "ALSA snd-via82xx" then you will have a lot of hits!
Oh, probably much better with "Mandrake ALSA snd-via82xx".
Sorry but ALSA website is recently closed.

Why don't you try first OSS then challenge ALSA later.
Though you need reconstruct Mandrake kernel so to delete sound option.

Kohjin - JR1EDE