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Re: AC97 and Linrad; works at W3SZ using OSS

   Hello Roger,

   Thanks again. I run this through the reflector as I suppose present
   or future Linrad users might be interested in this discussion and
   the final outcome.

w3sz wrote:
> Hi, Rein!
> Rein A. Smit wrote:
> >   Hello Roger,
> >
> >   Thanks for reply. I am using the the VIA VT82Cxx driver, it comes with
> >   Mandrake.
> >   I thought to read into you old DSP page ( 2001 or so ) that you
> >   had Linrad running with (1) one card and without OSS. Is that
> >   true? I also read in Leif's early notes that he used only
> >   one card at the time?
> Yes, on a PPro200 I have Linrad running with just a single soundblaster
> card.  You can run things that way.  But then your options are limited
> due to the limited number of input/output channels available.

      Agreed, but as at this moment I only like to use Linrad as a
      audio processor. I hope to use the complete system with
      front end and the rest later and then I will use OSS with the  
      Delta44 board. 
      From looking on the net I have to conclude that the AC97
      and Linux do not seem to mix very well! Numerous questions 
      and few answers.
> >   Perhaps I am trying to do something that is not possible or
> >   has not be done before with Linrad?
> >   The AC97 is working OK for playing CD's etc. The problem is to
> >   get the DSP processed output from Linrad to get to the
> >   AC97 and to disconnect the speaker output from the front end
> >   module ( the digitizing  part ) I believe that is because I
> >   have no good control how to set-up the AC97 ( mixer problem )
> I believe this is an svgalib issue.  You need to have an audio driver
> that works for AC97 with svgalib.  The OSS driver does this.  I suspect
> the drivers you have do not.

     You have so much more experience with this than I do but hard for
     me to understand that it is related to the graphics. But then
     you must have some reason to think that is the case.
> Is there a reason you don't want to use OSS?  It seems like so many on
> the reflector don't want to use it.  But I believe Leif has recommended
> it, and it has always allowed whatever I am using here to perform with
> svgalib and linrad.  While OSS costs a few dollars, the time it saves is
> worth far more than what it costs, at least to me.
> >
> >   It is in the instructions where Lief writes to use the mixer
> >   ot set-up the audio cared where things are failing ( I think )
> >
> >   I wished somebody could tell me that this is nonsense or that
> >   it is making sense...
> >
> >   I also would like to know the signal flow into the audio card(2)
> >
> >   RX audio into "line"?
> >   Digitized signal out from card into bus...
> >   Linrad DSP processed signal via bus into audio card ...
> >   audio signal out on "speaker" or "PCM" ....
> >
> I just feed the data from the hardware into the mic in on the AC97 and
> take the output from the speaker out.

   Yes, That is the way it should be I think but it requires that 
   the card needs to get connected to the right signals ( digital )

   73 Rein
> When using two cards, the input goes into the mic in or line in on the
> card used as input, and the output comes from the speaker out on the
> card used as output.  The computer and linrad take care of sorting out
> the signals in between.  I use the OSS program ossmix to set up the
> parameters correctly.  Then, when running Linrad, I select the proper
> device for input and output in the A/D setup screens.
> I didn't have to do any fiddling with 'speaker' 'PCM' or other settings
> with any of the OSS drivers.
> I hope that helps.
> 73,
> Roger
> W3SZ
> >   73 Rein
> >
> >
> > w3sz wrote:
> >
> >>Hi, Rein!
> >>
> >>WIth my latest computer brought online I am using the onboard audio
> >>which I believe is the same as the AC 97 you refer to, and things work
> >>fine with svgalib and linrad.
> >>
> >>This machine is a homebrew P3 using a SOYO motherboard @ 1.0 GHz, RHL
> >>8.0, Delta44 input and motherboard VIA97 audio output.  The audio didn't
> >>work with svgalib and the RHL audio drivers, so I use the OSS drivers.
> >>
> >>The OSS driver for the onboard sound is 'VIA VT82C686 AC97 audio'.  I
> >>had to pay an extra $15 for it. After my web purchase of the addon, they
> >>just emailed me a new license file.
> >>
> >>OSS and run Linrad without identified problems.
> >>
> >>I don't know if this information will be of help to you or not, but I
> >>hope it is of some help.
> >>
> >>73,
> >>
> >>Roger
> >>W3SZ
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