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Re: AC97 Sound card issues.

   Hi All,

   This might end up on a long message and I hope you stay with me!

   I installed Mandrake 9.1 in a machine with a sound section on the 
   motherboard ( AC 97 )
   In time I like to report on the experience but at this point I
   am interested in some answers re the sound part of Linrad.

   It appeared that the program is running I run of the audio of
   a TS 850 and am at this point interested to use Linrad just as
   a audio processor.
   At this point I would like to use just this AC97 codec. Though
   I have a Delta 44 and several sound bards with a PCI 128 for
   later. Have also OSS on a CD downloaded.  

   Following Leif's instructions I managed to get audio into Linrad
   It is visible in the spectrum display and I hear the incoming audio
   on the output of the AC97 unprocessed! From what I know of the setup
   Linrad is working and get no error messages with the from the setup
   Mandrake control center reports for the souncard:
   VT8233 ( AC97 )

   Module snd-vua82xx

   Driver Alsa VIA .82  
   Mandrake comes with a mixer program "Kmix" 

   I use : "MAster"      ON
           "Line input"  ON
           "Capure"      ON (needs to be on to get signal into Linrad)
           "Speaker"     not active
           "PCM"          ,,   ..

   When I do "U" in de setup menu the following takes place:

   32: /dev/sound/dsp     48000 Hz 4 channels 16 bit

   I select "32"  and for RDWR   "W"

   Select 1 RX channel

   Answer:  dev/sound/dsp opened in RDWR mode

   Select 8000 Hz
   Answer: Use system mixer program to select and to disable direct 
    from input to output et  

   Input : speed 8000 Hz input format 16 bit
   Output:  no of bits: 16
   Min output channel: 1
   Max output channel; 1

   audio board configured without errors!!!
   Do W ( save )

   It is clear that the problem appears to be that the speaker output is 
   connected to the input section and not to the processor
   Question 1 what is the "PCM" for?
   I hope to get some good answers.
   Have done numerous Google searches for "mixer" AC97" Alsa etc etc
   and gotten page after page of questions regardind AC97 and few
   answers or even hints
   73 Rein W6/PA0ZN