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Linrad Network works great

Hello, All!

This is just a quick note on the Linrad Network 'utility' that Leif has now incorporated into Linrad.

Here the network is working flawlessly sending I/Q data from one Linrad machine to another at 95KHz sampling rate for both H and V receive polarities, without a glitch. The SOCK_STREAM protocol does a very good job of keeping the data transfers error-free, which is obviously critical ;)

The machine receiving the data [slave] is my original Linrad machine:
Dell P4 1.4 GHz RHL 8.0, Delta44 input and Soundblaster PCI soundcard output.

The second machine [master] is homebrew P3 1.0 GHz RHL 8.0, Delta44 input and motherboard VIA97 audio output.

Both machines use OSS and run Linrad without identified problems [I didn't check the ability to enter and leave the Linrad screen during operation, as this 'does't make sense' with Network operation as its configured. I can of course reverse the 'master' and 'slave' with no problems.

The machines can be used to simultaneously and independently listen to different parts of the 96 KHz spectrum displayed. Of course, the REAL plan / hope is for remote operation.

I send the raw A/D data over the network, as I see no reason to do it another way, and this uses significantly less bandwidth the way I have the FFT parameters set.

Thanks to Leif for implementing this facility .

I was pleased and a bit surprised that using the motherboard audio facility on the P3 caused no problems, other than requiring me to get the correct driver for it from OSS.


Roger Rehr

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Roger Rehr
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA 19609