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Re: [linrad] compiling problem lvga

Well I have done everything I did with the earlier install of the same
system ( it is the Knoppix version of Debian woody). svgalib has been
installed. The ./configure script checks that. But somehow this -lvga file
seems to have disaappeared. But where should it then be if present?
PS I compiled svgalib 1.4.3 and again did install the debian version. did
not help

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> Your distro should have a mechinism to add packages.  You want to make
> sure you have the svgalib and svgalib-dev package.
> If you let us know which distro you are running we can give you better
> guidience.
> You might also want to look at:
> http://www.nitehawk.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/linrad.htm
> expecially
> http://www.nitehawk.com/sm5bsz/linuxdsp/install/svgainst.htm
> Which lists how to install svgalib from source.
> Later, JOSH
> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Arie Dogterom wrote:
> > After reinstallation of linux I try to install linrad54. This went well
> > before, but now it stops at the very end of make with the message cannot
> > find -lvga.
> > I suppose it has to do with svgalib but I have no idea how to solvethis.
> > Any ideas?
> > Arie
> >
> >