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Alsa drivers

Hi All,
There seams to be a whole lot of interest regarding Alsa sound drivers, so I
thought I might add my 2 cents

ALSA drivers are defiantly the future for Linux sound and are soon to be
incorporated into the kernel. Until then its always going to be a bit a fix
to get ALSA working properly, but with a little perseverance it shouldn’t be
beyond the capabilities of the average Linux beginner. Part of the problem
is that ALSA-drivers are very dependant on the many other components within
a UNIX system and if all these links and files
are not in the right place then things don’t work out. Even from a clean
RedHat 8.0 install there was quite a bit of "adjustment" needed before the
installation went smoothly.

I have installed Linrad on several different systems together with
alsa-drivers and as is usually the case, if you REALLY read the manual you
get there in the end.

My favourite system at the moment is a Compact 800mhz via box that is used
only for Linrad and is never connected to the net. Complete install
instructions for this system can be found here..

After consultation with Leif and others it seams that this is not such a
good system and that the processor (a VIA 800Mhz) is a definative
underperformer as regards Linrad. So while im not recomending the system as
a good base for a Linrad box, I still think that the install instructions
may help someone. I am att this very moment ripping the Delta 44 out of the
compact PC and putting it back in my P4 2Ghz (AOPEN motherboard with intel
i845G chipset)

Please note! I am intending these instructions as a guideline and a starting
place for people to work from. These instructions are only guaranteed to
work on EXACTLY the hardware I use. Be sure to check the
type of soundcard you have installed and make the necessary adjustments.
Please fell free to get in touch with me with specific problems regarding
alsa and I will get back to you.

I am att the moment looking closely at the problems with the Delta 44
sampleing frequency and its tedency to return to 48000 hz.

Svenska Antennspecialisten AB