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RE: Anyone success in ALSA driver for Delta 44?

Hello Kohjin,

> # amixer -c 1 cset numid=42 12 <-- this sets to 96000 from default 48000}
> # amixer -c 1 cset numid=43 on <-- this sets rate locked (default 
> Above seems rate set 96000 and rate locked ON.
> However Linrad doesn't detect the max input speed of 96000Hz.
> Only 48000Hz 4 channel 16 bit on "U" command.
There are some mixer programs, they do not allow a change of the
sampling speed but they show what speed the Delta44 is running at.
Are those programs showing 48000 or 96000?
One under X and the other was probably aumix. I think the X program
allowed a change to 96000 but when checked with another program
the speed was still 48000.

> At 17:41 03/02/21 +0100, you wrote:
> >Dominic knows how to install ALSA under RedHat 8.0 and I hope he
> >will share his info with the list.
> I would really be interested in Dominic's solution.
> Please encourage him to input here.
> >There are still some errors, ALSA is not quite OSS compatible
> >when installed as Dominic did it but the ALSA people say it is
> >becuse some parameter (?) was incorrectly set. The Linrad setup
> >procedure will not give the correct no of channels so the user must
> >know his hardware and not ask for more channels than actually
> >available. I am sure it will be easy to fix:-)
> You wrote in other post too;
OK. I had forgotten I did;-)
> >When speed and channels are set in accordance with the actual 
> >hardware, Linrad works fine with ALSA, but Linrad00-54 or later will be
> >needed because ALSA allocates a smaller buffer than OSS (at least now)
> >so 00-54 reads the input more often and in smaller chunks compared to
> >earlier Linrad versions. (00-54 is not yet uploaded.)
> So, should I wait for the release?
No, go on with the current version. When you have the Delta44 running
at 96kHz you will find that Linrad causes a lot of overrun errors
so the system becomes useless. Once you report this I will upload
00-54 immediately. If it takes some time I will wait. John, NI1B,
has a problem with all versions after 00-48, his system crashes
when he clicks on a signal on later versions. I would like to 
have this corrected in 00-54 but there is not really any problem
to make an extra version if you need it.

> PS: again "Reply-To: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is wrong!
The antennspecialisten.se and ham.te.hik.se computer is under
reconfiguration. The ham.te.hik server will be closed. Several things 
will change, the SM5BSZ home page will be moved to some new place
among other things. I do not know hat went wrong and why, but
I hope it is soon corrected.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ