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Anyone success in ALSA driver for Delta 44?

Hello ALL,

Has anyone got a success in ALSA driver for Delta 44 card?
It's not difficult to install ALSA driver but the setting up is always annoying.
No problem now on a single card (say SB PCI 128) but I couldn't setup
for Delta 44.  Have made lot of 'cut & try' but all failed.

The problem is Linrad can't find devices available correctly even the devices
(Delta 44 in this case) is exsits. No problem on alsamixer.
There are lots of controllable items in alsamixer but they are hazy. :-(

Is it ALSA wrong or even Linrad?

Well, I know OSS does the job and have it running but I do need ALSA drivers
for certain purposes.


Kohjin Yamada - JR1EDE
QTH: PM95tg.12