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RE: [linrad] linrad/OSS

Hi Heinz,

> It is frustrating. I stumble from one problem to the next.
> Now I'm stucking with OSS.
> I downloaded it to /usr/oss, unziped it and made tar.
> But if I want to install it, I get the following message:
> "Unfortunately the OSS/Linux installation package doesn't contain 
> precompiled modules for the kernel version your system is running.
> You can try to compile the soundshield module locally. This 
> requires that your system has a compiler (gcc) and the related 
> development tool (make and binutils) as well as the header files 
> for the currantly active kernel installed. Hit the "Compile 
> locally" botton"

I recently tried to install the latest OSS here with the same result.
Compile locally did not work:(

Fortunately I found an older version of OSS that works. 

I will try to make older OSS available but I will discuss it
with 4-Front first.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ