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Hi all
It is frustrating. I stumble from one problem to the next.
Now I'm stucking with OSS.
I downloaded it to /usr/oss, unziped it and made tar.
But if I want to install it, I get the following message:

"Unfortunately the OSS/Linux installation package doesn't contain precompiled modules for the kernel version your system is running.
You can try to compile the soundshield module locally. This requires that your system has a compiler (gcc) and the related development tool (make and binutils) as well as the header files for the currantly active kernel installed. Hit the "Compile locally" botton"

Holy smoke!!!!!
For sure I have gcc and make (both needed before). I can locate binutils. But when I hit "Compile locally", the operation fails.

Can I do anything to overcome this?

     Heinz, DM2BHG

BTW: I have installed RedHat 7.1, updated from 6.1