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Re: [linrad] LINRAD

The question below, I think, should have been addressed to the whole
Linrad list.

It is hard to know from the very terse description but it appears
that the Makefile generated by the ./configure script is trying
to run "autoconf".  If so this is a bug.  End users should 
_never_ need to have the GNU Auto tools packages installed.

Possably the date stamps were wrong when the Linrad package was
tarred up?  The maintainer needs to do a full build _and then_
use the "dist" target to build the distribution tar.gz file.

The short answer:  "make" was trying to run a command called
"autoconf" and you don't have autoconf installed.  But this
should not have happend, but it did so the work around is to
install the GNU "auto tools".

--- "Heinz Bordé" <Heinz.Borde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Chris
> I tracked down the dependencies and suxcieded in installing NASM.
> Than's for your help.
> But now I face the next problem by installing "LINRAD".
> When I do "./configure", it follows the order. But the I should do
> :"make".
> If I do, I get the message: 
> autoconf
> make: autoconf: Kommand not found
> make: *** (configure) Error 127
> I only need to know, what the system wants from me.
> I hope not to bother you too much, but it seemed to me, that you are
> familiar with LINUX.
>   73 Heinz, DM2BHG

Chris Albertson
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