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AW: [linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves

Hello Leif,

I do not know which kind of noise it is, I just mean that noise on EME is quiter than on terrestrial. Maybe, or surely, it is more constant. Another comparison: I did SSB QSO on the moon with signal strengthes that never would have allowed a SSB QSO on terrestrial pathes. Just when I remeber my only 23cm SSB with G4CCH, that signal on terrestrial would not even have been noticed.

73, Günter

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> Betreff:	[linrad] RE: Linrad and the microwaves
> Hi Guenter and all,
> > My experience with DSP processing on terrestrial pathes is, just 
> > in a few words, that I think that there is much more background 
> > noise, which cannot be handled by those narrow filters. If you 
> > want to use narrow filters, you must have low background noise, 
> > and this is the case at EME. I got this experience with Spectran 
> > as well as with the 25Hz filter of my FT847.
> Interesting. 
> Do you mean the "background noise" is of QRN type so it is smeared
> out by a narrow filter? I thought microwaves provided a nice
> white noise floor without impulse noise. Is there something else?
> 73
> Leif  /  SM5BSZ