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AW: [linrad] RE:Linrad and the microwaves

Hello folks,

my few cents:

I am using DSP processing by computers for many years now, acutally, it was the necessary step I had to go through in order to be a member of the EME gang at least, because I am a a very bad CW reader. At the moment when I discovered AF9Y's FFTDSP, EME became fun for me. I used FFTDSP for a long time, now I am using Spectran, and I hope that Linrad gives another step forward as soon as my audio mixer problems will be solved.

My experience with DSP processing on terrestrial pathes is, just in a few words, that I think that there is much more background noise, which cannot be handled by those narrow filters. If you want to use narrow filters, you must have low background noise, and this is the case at EME. I got this experience with Spectran as well as with the 25Hz filter of my FT847.

73, GŁnter, DL4MEA