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Re: [linrad] WG: How to configure sound mixer

I just tried aumix and found that I couldn't mute the channel I was 
recording from, am I just dense or has anyone successfully used it with 

Perhaps there is some misunderstanding of the mixer control programs.
To mute the line input is different than to set the level to zero.  

If you use gmix, there is a mute button below the level sliders on each 
channel.  So for linrad, the mute button and the rec button are selected 
for the line in channel.  

If you use kmix, you mute the channel by clicking on the green led above 
the level slider, and select the recording source by clicking the red led 
below the slider.

In either case, the level slider is adjusted independently of the muting.

Are there any other mixer control programs (besides ossmix) that have been 
used for linrad?

Different sound cards have different capabilities, maybe in some cases the 
recording source cannot be muted, or maybe the driver is not as good as it 
should be and doesn't control all aspects of the mixer hardware.  This is 
why the database at  http://www.nitehawk.com/linrad_dat/  could be useful 
if more people sent in their data.  

73  Matt  KB0VUK