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Re: [linrad] Re: linux and graphics cards

Hello Roger and All,

At 22:10 03/01/22 -0500, W3SZ wrote:
>I do notice now that I have to type "Cntl C" to get back to the command 
>prompt after leaving Linrad with "ESC" whereas before just typing "ESC" 
>got  me back to the command prompt.  Does anyone else have to do this?

I have never had such a problem, you presented the new problem! :-)
I'm kidding.

OK, which console does this occur on?
If it's occur on X-window console (shell) then what is the window manager,
KDE, Gnome or else? Try all of them and see the result.
Or does it occurs on console (ctrl-alt-Fn) not on X-window?

Let me confirm that you don't have that console switch problem now?

Kohjin - JR1EDE