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RE: [linrad] Re: linux and graphics cards

Hi All,

I should have include it was the case in my RedHat 8.0
kernel "2.4.18-19.8.0" not on "2.4.18-18.8.0".
Note the different kernel sometime brings different strange result.

Review my previous post titled "svgalib-1.9.17 Problem on RHL 8.0 solved"
which was posted Mon, 20 Jan 2003 20:42:26 +0900GMT

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 09:44 03/01/23 +0900, JR1EDE wrote:
>Hi Conrad,
>At 18:12 03/01/22 +0000, Conrad G0RUZ wrote:
>>If I understand correctly is the problem for most people that they can't
>>switch to another console ie Alt F2 and then return to Linrad while it is
>>still running in console 1?
>To be more clear, 'Alt F2' should be read 'Ctl Alt F2' right?
>Well, you CAN do that but when you return back to Linrad on 'console 1'
>or any console whatever, the Linrad screen (waterfall and every thing)
>gets completely corrupted. This IS the problem. 
>>I know I can't do that, I have to quit out of
>>Linrad to the first screen, I can't actually leave it running in weak signal
>>mode. When I say the first screen I mean the screen that has A=Weak signal
>>cw B=Normal cw etc.
>Above means you hit 'X' key, right?
>Even from the screen corrupted Linrad, you could resume normally by
>hitting the key 'X' (eXit) and next 'B' (Back).
>This would bring Linrad runs normally.
>(But not every time, sometime it's impossible to recover the bad screen)
>>Can anyone actually leave it running in weak signal
>>mode? I cannot and would like to know how to.
>Yes, Roger and I have no problem what so ever.
>In my case like I've already posted, couldn't do that on Matrox Millenium G400
>but could on NVIDIA GeForce2 MX400 with svgalib-1.4.3.
>At that time Roger had no problem on this matter with his ATI Radeon.
>Even he didn't know that this problem existed:-)
>Now, above problem was completely solved by updating to svgalib-1.9.17!
>(Many thanks for your find this available)
>I'm running without ANY problem on G400 video card now.
>Hope this helps,
>Kohjin - JR1EDE