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Re: [linrad] How to configure the sound outpu

G nter,

This is one of those things that is not obvious until you figure it out
... I spent a few hours figuring it out myself. Even then it is not that
obvious. The key is the little letters P and R next to the aumix sliders
on the left hand side (I am assuming you are using the ncurses text based
display ... the GTK GUI is similar).  I am going from memory here as the
Linux system is not immediately available.  There are little letters P and
R next to some of the sliders.  What is P and R you ask?  Record and Play!
Yes, it took me a half hour for that to dawn on me. Place your mouse
cursor over the "P" next to the "Line" slider.  Change it to "R" ... I
think all you have to do is type "R" once you have clicked the letter.
This sets the soundcard to "record" or sample the line in, but not send it
out to the speakers.  Then go to the PCM slider (by default I think it has
no letter) and set it to "P".  This sets the soundcard to send whatever is
sent to the card as pulse code modulation (in our case the output from
Linrad) out to the speakers.

Like I said, this explanation is from memory, let me know how you make out
and if there is still a question I will double check things when I am
sitting in front of the Linux machine.

-Joe KM1P