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Re: [linrad] CD, Self Contained.


I think this is not that difficult, for example you might look at;
There are lot of hits in Google search by the key word of 'bootable Linux CD'.
Even a bootable FD linux has already been used for a router implementation.

I haven't paid attention for such an idea though paid for embedded linux.
CD bootable Linrad sounds good as far as one want to use his machine
only for Linrad not like usual multi-task machine at least.

I will gather more informations for this.
If this was realized then ...oh wow!

Stay tuned...

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 11:35 03/01/20 -0500, you wrote:
>For those of us, and I am in this class, who want to use LINRAD to support 
>experiments in radio propagation this would be a wonderful resource.  I 
>have no interest in Linux, but some of the tools I want to use, LINRAD for 
>instance, is only on Linux.  My goal of finding weak signals that occur 
>only infrequently depends on me focusing on the propagation experiment - I 
>need to avoid where possible becoming involved in developing the tools for 
>this type of experiment, I need to focus on the experiment itself.
>Your proposal would enhance the value of LINRAD exponentially for me here, 
>it would be wonderful to pop in a CD and reboot in LINRAD to study sample 
>data files that might have weak signals on them.
>Wonderful!  What can I do to help you achieve this goal?  If you want to 
>Beta test things let me know, I also have a way to make generally available 
>a download site for such an effort.