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Re: [linrad] Silly question or is it?

Hello Conrad, hello all.

1st let me say that the I appreciate the discussion on this list and the work of Leif very much! I wish I could contribute more. 

you wrote:
>When you go to IQ this gets twice as wide....

Yes, the "original" IF bandwidth of, say 96 khz is changed to +48 khz (real) .... 0 khz .... and "minus" 48 khz. I simply write "minus" here, the correct notation would be something "complex" 48 khz. And then put a label 0-96 Khz on it again :-)  I am now yet 100% sure. 

Still looking for a receiver design that receives more that one tv-video carrier with low bandwidth (<500 Hz). 

Fred, oe8fnk