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RX2500, Homebrew or??

Hi All

After checking the price of getting an RX2500 over here in the US, I started to look at the
prices of a few parts to build one. It seems that currently the RX2500 is about $455 USD
with about $112 USD shipping (UPS, Problem is that the brown trucks do not float).
I wonder if there are import duties to be paid?
Thats nearly $600 and starts making 2 Time machines a bit more attractive
$260 kit + shipping inside US.   Currently 1 Sek = $.115354 USD.
The mixer IC's (74HC4052) are no problem at all at 23 cents each.
I could not find the BUK 75150-55A on the internet for sale. I suspect it is not
real expensive. The  AD797 IC used for anti-aliasing was found for  $8 each.
Best I can determine, these are single
section IC's , so 8 IC' are needed. That's $64, making them the most expensive
part of the project.  All the other parts look pretty ordinary and low in cost.
Has anyone found a cost effective way to homebrew the RX2500 in the US with
US supplied parts? It seems oversees shipping is not too practical. I wonder
if the part supply problem can be solved, if a PCB is available somewhere?

Although the quality of the RX2500 is certainly high, I find it expensive for its
function. It would probably be more efficient if more circuits were in the box,
for the price. After all, it is basically just a receiver converter.
The extra high shipping cost for a US customer puts us at a 
distinct disadvantage.   Anyone have a good used Time Machine for sale
(or even a bad one I can fix)? 
Perhaps someone is planning a trip to the US from Europe and can bring 
an RX2500 along? 

73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.