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RE: [linrad] More stuff.....

Josh I did it and put in the mixer settings as well, thanks it's really easy
when you know how!

Now we need someone to decide what needs to be running at boot up to run
Linrad. I have found out how to disable some things by typing
chkconfig --level 0123456 <scriptname> off. That switches off the process
for all run levels, if you want a process to run in Xwindows you would just
omit the 5. It would be useful to determine a list of what is not needed to
run Linrad. Also I would like to know how to get a list of all running
processes in text mode. I am beginning to see how clever these operating
systems really are!


Conrad G0RUZ

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Batch file linrad_start

%<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--

insmod /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.9.17/kernel/svgalib_helper/svgalib_helper.o

%<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--  %<-- %<-- %<--

chmod +x linrad_start


I don't know which mixer you are using but most have command based tools
that you can use as well.  You can just put that in the linrad_start file
after the insmod, but befor ./linrad

						Later, JOSH

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Conrad G0RUZ wrote:

> I have 3 new installations running with a Rage Mach 64, Rage 128 and TNT2
> video cards. All work well and the last 2 pass Leifs demanding 200Hz
> with an N=4 window. It is quite amusing with the waterfall average at 1.
> 400Hz I need a waterfall average of 2 to get glitch free performance. The
> AFC graph is very amusing :-) I have used svgalib-1.9.17. There is still a
> problem. So that I don't get the message svgalib can' open dev/svga I have
> to descend into /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.9.17/kernel/svgalib_helper and
> insmod svgalib_helper.o.
> How can I make sure that this happens either everytime that svgalib is
> called (by Linrad) or when Linux boots. I did it before but I can't
> how to make boot-up scripts that will run at automatically. I also need to
> know how to ensure only the bare minimum needed processes run at boot up.
> ran Linrad on the P4 1.4 Ghz machine for 30 minutes at 4 channels of 32
> 96 khz and got 10 overrun errors, Roger w3sz has suggested that the
> unnessary processes that are running are probably responsible. How does
> memory affect performance? I only have 256Mb of Rambus memory in the P4
> I have 1Gb in the Athlon 850. The Athlon 850 does very well indeed and I
> think it would be more than adequate in practice. The P3 450 is only just
> adequate but would be ok with a 48Khz sample rate.
> Please remind me as I need to make some linux (batch?) files for my mixer
> settings as well.
> I have found the last few days very rewarding in many ways and almost as
> interesting as working people on eme. I have ordered my WSE RX2500 as a
> result and I am really looking forward to getting back on, weather and
> permitting.
> 73
> Conrad G0RUZ