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SSB bandwidth

Hi All,

Linrad is designed for a much wider usage than as a wideband
receiver for an X-yagi EME array.

I have placed a few images showing how the Linrad blanker
can be used together with a conventional SSB transceiver 
(a TS-520).

The Linrad noise blanker makes it possible to copy signals
that can otherwise not be copied at all. The TS-520 noise blanker
does not work well because I have placed an undesired signal,
45 dB stronger, only 1kHz from the desired signal. The strong
signal is within the TS-520 passband and it reaches Linrad 
together with the desired signal and all the QRN from a 100Hz
pulse generator.

Using Linrad to process the output of a conventional SSB
transceiver will add noise blanker, narrow filter with AFC,
coherent or binaural processing and spur elimination besides
the waterfall graph.

The computer used is my old Pentium I at 60MHz and it runs 
at about 50% CPU load. On this old computer installation is
rather slow however;-)

For details, look at


Leif / SM5BSZ