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My experience with Delta 44

Jim I have run the Delta 44 on a Celeron 600 with 256Mb ram and it was
acceptable performance with Linrad, but only just IMO. I then had a PIII 800
with the same amount of Ram and this was great. I now have a P4 1.5Ghz with
512Mb Ram and I really find it a pleasure to use. Most of time I am running
simulations and audio from a DAT player into 2 channels. I did use the
original configuration on the air. I am just a computer junky. I think I
would be looking for a PIII 800 with 256Mb ram as a starter. This will work
fb and if the US marketplace is anything like here in the UK $250 should do
it for a bare bones system. I am lucky, I have a friend who builds networks
for a living, the P4 was being used as a till in a shop. He promptly
replaced it with a P200 MMX and gave me the P4 for free! Well at least for a
few pints of beer. He is an especially GOOD friend nowadays :-)

Happy New Year to all

Conrad G0RUZ