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Got Delta 44. Need PC.

Hi All,

Well, I am  one step closer to running Linrad.
I used the "Buy it now" option on E-bay and now hope to
have a New Delta 44 sound card delivered very soon.
Cost was $189 + $8 shipping.

I have been looking at some PC's on E-bay.
There are thousands to chose from and it seems possible to
find something around 500 mhz for well under $200.
What is the minimum PC required for Linrad using a Delta 44 card?
Is a Pentium II at 500 mhz sufficient or is a Pentium III needed?
Is there anything special that I should watch for that might prevent
me from using Linrad? Looking at some Delta 44 specs, it seems that
128mb of RAM is needed.  I would like to do this right the first time.

Looking at pricewatch.com, there is also some very interesting looking
new PCs at around $250. Some of them say things like integrated sound
card, integrated etc., but I suspect others may omit that detail. Will integrated
things be a show stopper? When looking for computers that need Linux drivers,
what questions should I ask the PC vender and where do I do the search for
the drivers? If you know of a low cost RF quiet PC in the US that can do Linrad, I would love to
hear from you. I like my Compaq Presario, as it is has a double sheilded case.
It is not too hard to make it RF tight. It is a 475 mhz PC and it seems that they don't 
build them like that any more. If I recall there are different RFI specs depending on intended
residential use (US market)? Who has the scoop on that? I certainly would be ahead to get the
right one. This is a PC that I would dedicate only to Linrad and nothing else. Perhaps Linrad
files can be transferred as needed for upgrades via a serial cable. Laplink could be used at
the DOS PC end, but what would the Linux end use? Might have to put internet on the Linux 
PC too. That should solve the file update problem.

I realize that I can use my primary PC on a dual boot system, but I really want to be able to
run other programs while on EME. I use EME loggers, do E-mail, use Z-track, and 
of course I will want to use Linrad as a front end for JT44 EME.

73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.