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(Fwd) Re: [linrad] Lindows

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I am forwarding this to the list instead.

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On 27 Dec 2002 at 9:36, Chris Albertson wrote:

> I know someone who bought one just so he could take a detailed look
> at it.  I got a good report from him.  so my information is second
> hand but I trust the source.
> Bottom line:  It is very low cost hardware.  If you know anything
> about Linux you would only want to buy it so you can re-format the
> hard drive and install something else.  For US$199 it is a good
> deal, not the best PC just the cheapest.  Low-end but functional.
> If you don't know anyting about Linux and want a PC that runs
> Linux out of the box this _may_ be the way to go.It is completely up
> and running with a working modem, just add AC power and a CRT.
> To a "Linux person" Lindows has some problems.  The first of
> which is that there is only one user "root", and everything runs as
> root, finding an xterm takes some effort and nothing is set up in
> the "standard" way. 

Hi Chris and others:

Please excuse my ignorance on this matter. Can you explain what  a
root is and why this limitation might be a problem? My only interest
in Linux is to run Linrad. Is this like a DOS root directory, so there
are no sub directories? If this is the case would it prevent Linrad
from working?

 The target market for this computer is your
> gandmother not a software engineer.  The Walmart/Lindows machine is
> a first cut attempt to prove that Linux can be a better desktop
> machine for a non-expert PC user than MS Windows.  It's biggest
> advantage is the "click and install" web site where you can
> automatically download and install Linux software.  (But if you know
> what a *.tar file is you don't need or want this and having to run
> as root is so bad you will re-format anyway.)

This would be a nice way to handle Linrad updates if it is practical.
I do not know (yet) what a tar file is, but I do have a good
understanding of DOS.

> But if you are reading this we assume you know a bit about Linux and
> will simply re-format the disk and pick up a PC for $199.

I followed the links to the Walmart web site. Perhaps the prices went
up or I did not look in the right place. I think the prices started at
$299. Did I miss something?

> Next question is, will the low-end Celeron CPU run FFTs fast enough?
> The Celeron's Cache is small and the FFT allgorithum runs faster if
> the whole thing fits in cache.  

I think the low end CPU was 800 mhz. This was the $299 one. I don't
know what the cache size is, but I suspect its size would need to be
known to answer the question. The PC sounds interesting to me, but I
am not sure I wish to be the first. If something prevents it from
working with Linrad, my lack of knowledge would put me at a severe
handicap. Certainly the idea of pre-loaded software is apealing. They
offer Linux pre-loaded on a PC as well. 

73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.

> --- wb9uwa@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > Has anyone looked at the Walmart lindows or Linux computers?
> > Are these computers or Lindows well suited to Linrad?
> > Lindows is said to be compatable with Windows and Linux.
> > See 73, magazine, Jan 2003, The Digital Port.
> > You can follow the links at:
> > http://kb7no.home.att.net/
> > 
> > 73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.
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