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Re: [linrad] CS5396

Hi Leif and all,

I just took a look at the eval board docs.

The bad news is that you can't get audio out via the
PC port; the digitized audio comes out in SPDIF
(or on a special connector).  This probably means
that you also need a normal sound card with 24-bit
SPDIF input capability (its A/D would not be used).

The good news is that with the above, you should
be able to run the eval board in stand-alone mode,
parallel port not connected, and not need any
additional software at all!


Stewart KK7KA

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Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 12:25 AM
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> Hi All,
> Thanks to Pete, KC1HR I now know that there is an ADC
> chip CS5396 from (http://www.cirrus.com).
> This is a 24 bit 96kHz stereo AD converter and there
> is an evaluation board for it.
> The CS5396 is 20dB better than the Delta 44!!
> Maybe someone knows how to interface it to Linux using
> the evaluation board or some other way.
> With this chip the noise figure of the WSE RX2500
> system will decrease from 13 to about 7dB. By replacing
> a few resistors the RX2500 gain can be reduced for a total
> dynamic range improvement of 15dB.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ